The month of Pisces has been treating me exceptionally well this year

A photo from my very own Instagram that I was lucky enough to take just a week ago

Are you an artist? Are you a writer?

For the longest time in my life I was convinced that one could not call themselves an artist, a writer, a painter or anything of the sort, if they couldn’t support themselves financially through their craft.

Oh, how naïve I was….

These days… I want to become everything.

Blame it on the Pisces month, or on the first truly warm, sunny days in a couple months, but lately even I, a person you probably wouldn’t call especially energetic or driven most of the time, started having lots of ideas for creative ways of spending my time.

On one hand there are podcasts, which is a direct effect of what I described in the previous post. On the other hand, there is resin jewelry, a niche I never thought I’d find if it wasn’t for a rather mismatched Christmas present. Then there is the creative writing class I’ve been attending since January. It’s ending by the end of the month, but I’m still happy with all of the creative juices it has injected me with. I’ve been also thinking about finally reviving my Wattpad account and writing a new story (and finishing the other one, with only one installment to go…) Then, on top of all of that, there is this idea I had, of creating a gaming Youtube channel, which would not be born into existence if it wasn’t for me watching Game Grumps and Markiplier lately, and absolutely loving the format so far.

So yeah, there is a bit of that going on, on top of the blog of course. That’s mostly the reason why I haven’t been as active here as I’d like to be. But either way, you don’t have to worry about me stirring the gaming community with my presence for a while. I will have to sort other things out before even touching on that, but until then there is a lot for me to do. When I write it all down and take a look at it it really seems like a lot to handle at once, and I’d love to be able to just focus on one thing, but what for? Writer, resin artist and gamer seem like a lot to put on a business card, but I’d rather do it this way if I can. Whenever I leave the house these days it feels like something good is coming, and I’m more excited than ever. Is it spring? Something big? Whatever it is, let us hope it’s the best I can get right now.

This year I must admit that I didn’t watch the Oscars ceremony, nor did I prepare by watching any of the nominated pieces. It was a bit over a week ago, and yet it feels like millennia. I felt like a bear awaken from its winter hibernation all too early. I do want to catch up though, at least on some of them. Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse seems like a must-see, especially with my love for all things animated, and so beautifully, too. The Favourite too, because you know, period pieces, Rachel Weisz, royalty. That’s very much up my alley. Free Solo seems like an absolute no-no for me though. The topic seems incredibly interesting, but knowing just how deep I get into the stories I expose myself to, I would get very nervous just from watching it. Although who knows? Maybe someday I will find the courage to watch it.

Talking about The Oscars, should I review some of the contestants and winners from previous years? I would love to do Coco. Okay, rewind that – I’m gonna do Coco. Funnily enough, the first time I ever watched it was the night before the day of the defense of my thesis last year. I was already stressed out of my goddamn mind, so when you added the movie you have me bawling my eyes out like a baby by the end. It was probably my favourite Disney movie to date.

I also got a little deeper into K-pop in the past few weeks. I only listen to TWICE and BLACKPINK on a regular basis so far, but I honestly can’t tell you enough how much k-pop, or pop music in general, has helped me out in the past few years, especially when I was battling depression and anxiety during my university years. I guess I was a bit of an edgy teen that loved to have very alternative interests, as opposed to my peers that would opt for the (*scoff*) mainstream. But that it no more. Sometimes what you really need in your life is an upbeat melody and a group of cute girls or boys singing to you about love and how amazing life is, and it’s more than okay to admit that. Mental health is always more important than keeping up an aesthetic, okay?

Oh, another thing – Camp NaNoWriMo preparations seem to be in full swing right now. Are any of you guys participating this April and July?

Personally, I can’t say I will, just like I didn’t the year before. There is just something about those months when spring is in its full swing, they tend to be messy, painful, stressful, and when I’m thinking back at the end of each year, I usually have a hard time recalling them. So I don’t want to dive into yet another project then, or promising myself, or anyone else, that yes, of course I will, sure. Maybe in July. Maybe. But if I do participate in summer, I would love to have some support! I heard that during the Camp there are “cabins” one is supposed to join for the month, so I suppose I will let you know in June if I do participate so we can team up? I’d love that!

So anyway, that’s mostly what has been going on with me these parts few days and weeks. There’s a lot, and I mean a loooot more to come in the near and far future, I both know and can feel that. The air smells different than just a month ago, and this time it’s not the pollution. Soon the nature will start to wake more noticeably, and it could feel that the world looks the way I feel on the inside – hopeful, optimistic, blooming. It’s something I wish both for myself and for all of you. Let us thaw out after the winter, no matter if it was truly cold and harsh or not. We all deserve a new beginning this spring.

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