Welcome To Night Vale live show – thoughts

A man in a deer mask covering half of his face sits in front of you in the theatre. Soon after, a woman in a tulle dress with fairy lights glowing softly from underneath the fabric enters as well and takes a seat somewhere behind you. And you’re here, too. How do you keep forgetting … Continue reading Welcome To Night Vale live show – thoughts


Separated at birth – a film review

There is something magical about stumbling upon good movies or books by accident. Just two days ago I was skipping channels and saw a film that was just starting. The title: Separated at birth. Image via http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6748984/ I’m not into action movies that much and anyone who knows me well is going to tell you … Continue reading Separated at birth – a film review

Plastic Memories – a tale of disappointment

There aren’t many anime series that make me look back at them feeling nothing but disappointment. But Plastic Memories is one of them. Today let’s have a look at this series. Beware – the following text contains spoilers. In the future mankind is introduced to androids called Giftias. Many of those who can afford them … Continue reading Plastic Memories – a tale of disappointment

Unraveling the villain – Megamind

Hello everyone! With today’s entry, I would like to start a recurring series that you’ll be sure to catch on my blog from time to time – “Unraveling the villain”. In this series I am going to tackle the pop-culture villains of my choice and briefly analyze them – their motivations, their story, their growth. … Continue reading Unraveling the villain – Megamind